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Life in Gay Bars

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by Ian Cassidy
For a whole lot of reasons, my first time probably doesn’t
count. To begin with, I didn’t even make it inside, only
getting as far as a table on the beach-side balcony. Next, it
was more a restaurant than a bar and what disqualifies it
most of all from being a real virginity-taking experience is the
fact that I was with my dad and my little sister.
On that early Friday afternoon, the beach at La Jolla was
pre-weekend packed, and it seemed everyone had finished
work early that day. My sister, Daisy, and I were playing in
the surf, struggling with a boogie board Dad bought us soon
after we landed at San Diego International.
Dad was close by on the hot sand, looking out for the
notorious rip tide, but probably more worried by the
unexpected responsibility of loo...

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